CROSS-INERGY co. ltd. was registered on 13.12.2011. Its trading license was issued by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority on 09.02.2012. Following the change of ownership in September 2015, our Company remained in 100 % Hungarian private ownership. According to our main profile, our Company is engaged in natural gas trading activity in the territory of Hungary and in the countries of the region.

Based on a natural gas trading contract with CROSS-INERGY co. ltd., we procure the natural gas quantity required for the supply of the Customer, we reserve the shipping, storage and distribution capacities necessary for transporting it to the site of consumption, and we sell the quantity specified in the contract, at the consumer endpoint, on a schedule determined according to the Customer’s needs.
We determine our prices while taking the maintenance of long term business relationships into consideration. For our contracted partners and our Company to close business periods with satisfaction, we need information regarding the exact consumption data of our Customers, which we can use for planning. This enables us to determine the contract conditions, in close cooperation with our partners, which best fit the expectations and business processes of our Customers. We monitor the changes in the data affecting natural gas trading on a daily basis, we react to modifications in the legal environment and we search for opportunities by which we can provide more favorable conditions to our Customers.

Potential consumer groups for CROSS-INERGY co. ltd.:

  • Consumers who procure from the distribution network and are not entitled to universal service
  • Consumers who procure directly from transit pipelines
  • Natural gas industry players with a Hungarian site and trading license
  • Natural gas traders with a site abroad

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